Student FAQs

We’ve compiled the most commonly-asked questions students have about our qualifications, including information on CIPD membership, exam results and work experience. We hope you can find all of the information you are looking for.

When will I receive my qualification certificate?

We check results submissions for accuracy at the verification stage (marked with * on the timeline below); if any discrepancies arise we may return them to your study centre, which may delay the despatch of your certificate.

If you've been waiting for longer than the usual processing time as shown above, call us on +44 20 8612 6208 to check the status of your certificate.

When will I be notified about my final results?

CIPD Awarded centres

Your qualification and membership certificates will take up to six weeks to process once the CIPD external quality adviser (or centre) submits them to us. If you’ve any questions about how long your centre’s internal quality assurance takes, best speak to them directly (we don’t expect this to take more than six weeks).

CIPD Approved centres

The centre will contact you directly to let you know when they will award you with your qualification. Once the centre submits this notification to the CIPD, we’ll issue your membership certificate within six weeks.

When do I become an Associate member?

If your qualification leads to Associate membership, we’ll issue you with your qualification certificate once we’ve processed your results. You’ll automatically be upgraded to Associate member and will receive your membership certificate within 10 days of it being issued (or longer if we’re posting it to a non UK address).

Associate membership

Associate membership recognises HR and L&D professionals who demonstrate excellence in people practice by supporting the delivery of HR and L&D solutions. Many CIPD qualifications lead to Associate membership

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I’ve already completed a CIPD qualification. How do I become a member now?

If you've already completed an accredited CIPD qualification but didn’t join the CIPD as a member during your studies, you can join the CIPD now directly at the Associate member grade.

Please note:

  • You'll be asked to pay the late registration fee, full admission fee and relevant subscription, which you can view on our Membership fees page.
  • We’ll also require evidence of your achievement from your study centre before issuing your certificate.

Call us on +44 (0) 20 8612 6208 or email us at to discuss the membership application process.

I've just successfully completed my Level 7 Advanced qualification, can I now upgrade to CIPD Chartered Membership?

Anyone who has successfully completed a CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma qualification can apply to upgrade to Chartered Member via the online application route. This is free of charge if done within 12 months of holding the Associate level of membership. If you are unsuccessful at your first attempt, subsequent applications are subject to fees. The first step is to submit your CV for screening. See our page on Upgrading to Chartered Member for more information.

Chartered Membership

Chartered Membership recognises HR and L&D professionals who deliver organisational performance by leading, driving and delivering people plans and solutions

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I’ve already completed an HR or postgraduate degree. Can I use what I’ve learnt to apply for CIPD membership?

If you have an existing qualification that isn’t recognised by the CIPD, you may be able to apply for an exemption towards a CIPD Awarded qualification that leads to membership.

The application process will involve a mapping exercise between the qualification you studied and the CIPD Awarded qualification you want to study. You can gain up to 50% of a CIPD Awarded qualification through this process; you’ll be required to take the rest of the qualification at a CIPD centre in order to achieve CIPD membership.

Many employers are asking for HR work experience. How can I gain this?

A great way to make yourself stand out is to gain some work experience while you study. St John’s Ambulance, along with many other charities, is often looking for volunteers to work in HR for them; this can be as little as three hours per week.

We also have a list of volunteering jobs available, which you can view on the People Management website.

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